Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It was pure kissmet. We decided on a Goldendoodle and I submitted the application the weekend we left for Vermont. We spent Saturday evening dinner at an old country inn restaurant and closed the place. The owners had two Golden Retrievers, a mother and daughter. It was love at first sight. I could not stop thinking about them, well into the next day. And there we were driving home through Hoosick Falls, NY and we see the sign "Golden Retriever Puppies".

The "breeder" said all the wrong things but there he was. He was different than the other two. I knew it was over when I lifted him out of the pen. So we gave her a check and were on our way. A quick stop at a local Walmart for a collar and leash and water bowl.

He rode the whole way home, probably a little disoriented and confused, in my lap. Quietly. It's been a week now and he is a bundle of energy. And all my plans for San Diego, Florida, NYC and Costa Rica could be down the tubes.

Simon we love you.

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